Several banks’ systems in Vietnam have been frozen since yesterday without any recovery signals at all. Fourteenth Channel confirmed.

Specifically, TPBank and VPBank suffered from this issue the most since all of the transactions on these systems could not go through. A lot of transactions were in pending status since yesterday. TPBank and VPBank both confirmed the problem and said that they have worked on fixing it. Several other banks’ systems in Vietnam also have been wrestling with the frozen issue from yesterday.

Users complained that they could not do anything relate to VPBank and TPBank. Withdrawal was impossible, and besides that, many other services of VPBank and TPBank have not worked as well. Transferring, charging with card, or linking with e-wallet have also been deactivated.

Right now, TPBank and VPBank are still working on their system, and no promise about the returning time of normal transaction flow has been confirmed yet.

TPBank and VPBank recommend users that during this time, they should avoid making any transaction in order to keep their accounts safe. At the same time, these banks suggest users that some of their services are closed right now. Some of the services that are closed:

  • 24/7 customer service phone call.
  • E-Wallets service.
  • Transaction on ATMs, CDMs, debit cards and credit cards delivered by these banks.
VPBank system is frozen for now.


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