SEA Games 31 is expected to be a golden opportunity to accelerate the tourism recovery and achieve the goal of welcoming approximately 5 million international visitors to Vietnam by 2022.

Travel Companies Launch Tours to Attract Visitors to the 31st SEA Games

Last night (May 12) the grand opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games made a good impression on visitors and guests. Hosting the 31st SEA Games is considered an opportunity for Vietnam to attract international visitors after 2 years of closure due to COVID-19. Therefore, a number of places and tourism companies have launched a specific campaign to attract international visitors, mainly Southeast Asian tourists, to visit Vietnam on this occasion. That campaign is now underway.

More than a month since the official announcement of the organization’s schedule of the 31 SEA Games in places, the Federal Tourism Company quickly designed short-term tours for international visitors to see the SEA Games in conjunction with a visit to Vietnam. So far they have had hundreds of guest tours.

“Northern landscapes are: Ha Long Bay, Yen Tu, Ninh Binh, Sa Pa; Route 2 is the Central Heritage Journey, Route 3 is beautiful beaches in the South Central region, and Route 4 is the West River region. Currently, the northern landscapes and beautiful beaches of the South Central region are the most interested in and booking tours,” said Mr. Tu Quy Thanh, director of the Federal Tourism Company.

SEA Games 31 is considered an opportunity to attract international visitors, especially Southeast Asian visitors, to Vietnam, so not only travel companies, accommodation companies and food service companies are also ready to welcome guests.

According to the Hanoi Department of Tourism, during the 31st SEA Games, Hanoi will welcome about 1 million domestic visitors and 200,000 international visitors, so on this occasion, many activities have been launched to enhance the tourism experience.

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“Currently, there are 74 civilized streets that have been decorated and adorned by districts and sold items such as souvenirs, fashion and sportswear to meet the needs of the area. From May 11, the Industry and Commerce Department of Hanoi will open a high-quality souvenir fair near My Dinh Stadium Square to meet the needs of tourists,” said Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Lan, acting director of the Ministry of Industry. and Trade of Hanoi. .

According to the General Statistical Office, international visitors to Vietnam in April were 2.4 times higher than in the previous month, with 192,400 arrivals recorded in 4 months. Therefore, SEA Games 31 is expected to be a “golden” opportunity to accelerate tourism recovery and reach the goal of welcoming about 5 million international visitors to Vietnam by 2022.

Enterprises increase production for the 31st SEA Games

Not only designing tours to attract international visitors and promote the beauty of Vietnam, the places where the 31st SEA Games will take place also increase the production and design of typical handmade products to help international guests understand more about the Vietnamese culture. They also expect that many export orders will be connected on this occasion.

During this 31st SEA Games, the millinery will not only maintain available orders, but also prepare thousands of products and all kinds of special souvenirs for this year’s SEA Games. This facility is known to have been making hats for 45 years and exports approximately 10,000 bamboo and rattan conical hats monthly to Japan, UK and Germany.

According to a representative of the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, nearly 100 companies participated in the exhibition of craft products for this SEA Games, and neighboring places with OCOP products were also connected to participate in the exhibition of products in supermarkets and stalls in Hanoi.

“This fair has 80 companies with 100 booths, along with 8 typical craft villages of Hanoi. At 12 competition points of Hanoi City, there are exhibition areas to introduce typical local products. Many places also invite other provinces to bring regional specialties to promote domestic and foreign tourists,” said Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Lan, acting director of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Hanoi.

Not only do they sell directly to tourists to attend the SEA Games, but companies also expect to advertise with Vietnam’s international partners to have more opportunities to export these specific items in the near future.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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