‘Golf Empress’ Se-ri Park (Sema Sports Marketing)

Se-ri Pak and Eldrick compete in a total of three rounds. The sports are Long Drive, Hole in One, and Putting. Long drive is literally a long hit, giving a total of 30 chances for a hole in one and 6 chances for a putt.

Eldrick, who came from the United States, is a more advanced swing machine equipped with AI in a robot. Except that it is difficult to go through all 18 holes, and it is damaged when entering a bunker, it has a huge’spec’.

Eldrick has a strong power that exceeds an average drive distance of 300 yards and a sophistication of 60% hitting a putt within 5m.

In addition, by learning the shots of 17,000 golfers, you can duplicate Tiger Woods’ Stinger Shot as well as the long hitting monster Bryson Disembo’s shot.

In addition, it reads the strength and direction of the wind to determine the consistency of the shot by itself, and reproduces the human shoulder rotation and wrist movement as it is, allowing a smooth and precise shot to be hit.

Based on these specifications, he also had a record of successful hole-in-one in 5 times in a par 3 hole.

Pak Se-ri, who comforted the people with a’barefoot shot’ at the US Open’s extra time during the 1998 foreign exchange crisis, returned to his full-time job after a long time, and in a confrontation with Eldrick, it is noteworthy whether he will be able to give hope to humans who are tired of prolonged coronavirus infection (Corona 19). ‘Golf Empress’ Se-ri Pak faces head-to-head with’Eldrick’, an AI (artificial intelligence) golfer who can read the wind strength and topography by himself.

This is the second round of confrontation of the century following the game of 9 Dan Lee, a Go knight, and’Alphago,’ an AI knight four years ago.

In January of next year, SBS TV’Confrontation of the Century! ‘AI vs. Humans’ announced on the 9th that it will broadcast a golf match between Se-ri Park and Eldrick. (yunhap news)

Source: International News


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