After the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra teardown videos, the third phone in the family received the same treatment – here’s the teardown Galaxy S21 +. Taking the phone apart, YouTuber PBKreivews discovered the distinction between single and dual SIM models.

It’s mostly in software – all Samsung Galaxy S21 models have two SIM readers, but in single SIM versions one of them is disabled. It may be possible to flash different firmware to activate the second drive. You will also need a new SIM tray, which can hold two SIM cards.

The Galaxy S21 + in the video is the Exynos-powered version and it lacks the mmWave antennas, meaning it only supports 5G sub-6s. You can watch the teardown of the S21 to see a unit with mmWave antennas.

Moving on, the back panel is glass, unlike the S21 plastic panel. The metal camera bump is glued to the back so it can be replaced easily.

A more difficult solution would be a faulty button on the side – the flexible cables for these are sandwiched between the screen and the phone frame, so you have to remove the screen for the axes. In addition, (as with other Galaxys), the battery is glued without tabs, which makes it more difficult to extract.


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