The second round of talks between a Russian-Ukraine delegation in Belarus has ended, the head of the Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky told Russian media, and the two sides have agreed on humanitarian corridors for civilians.

“We have discussed three points in depth – military, international and humanitarian, and the third is a question of future political regulation of the conflict. Both positions are clear and written down. We agreed on some, but the most important thing we agreed on today was rescuing civilians in military conflict zones. The Russian and Ukrainian defense ministries have agreed to provide humanitarian corridors for civilians and a possible temporary ceasefire in areas where evacuation is taking place,” Medinsky told media.

The talks lasted two and a half hours.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian negotiator on Thursday said the talks have not yielded the results Ukraine needed, but said there is only a “solution for the organization of humanitarian corridors”.

“The second round of negotiations is over. Unfortunately, the results Ukraine needs have not yet been achieved. There is only one solution for the organization of humanitarian corridors,” senior Ukrainian official Mykhailo Podolyak said in a tweet.

Another member of the Russian delegation, Leonid Slutsky, told Russia 24 that both sides have agreed on the third round of talks, which will take place in the “near future”.


Source: Vietnam Insider


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