Romelu Lukaku kept showing his outstanding with his national side. In the last 5 games with Belgium, he scores 5 goals. What form! 

He set such a record yesterday when Romelu Lukaku scored his 13th goals consecutively for Belgium’s national side. After leaving Manchester United for Inter Milan, he turned himself into such an amazing poacher who can score with his left foot, right foot, and it will be so disrespectful if I don’t mention his header skill. Lukaku, in another word, is one of the most complete strikers in the world.

In the season of 2019-2020, the Belgian striker has scored 34 goals for Inter Milan in 51 competitive matches. During the last five games of the season 2020-2021, the Inter Milan player also got for himself 5 goals for the team. In total, Lukaku has scored 14 goals in this season, and it took him only 15 matches to accomplish the record.

Explaining his successful time with Belgium national team and Inter Milan, Lukaku thanks to his coach, Antonio Conte. The Italian coach is the one who trusts Lukaku and accepts to pay such a price of 74 million Euro to get him from Manchester United.

The Belgian striker says that Conte is “a mentor, a father, and a person who understands him.” Besides, he confesses that he understands the hope of the coach, and Lukaku is grateful that he always receives support from his Inter Milan’s coach.

“I feel I have grown a lot thanks to him and his staff but this is just the beginning. We have to improve and Conte is the coach to do it,” Lukaku said on the Mirror.

Six years ago, Antonio Conte already wanted to have the service of the Belgian striker. Nonetheless, Lukaku made a move to Manchester United instead of joining Antonio Conte’s squad. After 6 years, they are now in the same team and showing a magical connection. “For me, playing for him is really the realization of a dream,” Lukaku said.

For Conte, Romelu Lukaku is a rough diamond that needs to be polished. The talent from Belgium is hunted by Conte when he was at Chelsea in 2017 and even when he was with Juventus back in 2014.

Lukaku has shown up his class after leaving MU. Photo: AFP

“I wanted Romelu when I was at Chelsea, even back at Juventus. Now I can get to work on polishing the diamond,” he said on the Mirror.

After just 15 games this season, Romelu Lukaku scored himself 14 goals. An amazing form proved why his price tag is 74 million euros. Eventually, Lukaku even surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo to become the most expansive striker in the Serie A league. What a shock for Juventinis!

However, it is a deserving gift for Romelu Lukaku and his supporters. For a while, the Congo-Belgian has fought hard to prove his class, and right now, people recognize him as an amazing striker named Romelu Lukaku.

He is the record goalscorer of Belgium, and he is holding a goalscoring chain.

via The Mirror


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