According to The Travel, Asia is one of the most attractive continents for tourists. The main reason is the diversity of terrain and climate, as well as its attractiveness and uniqueness in each country.

These create some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world or the most inhospitable regions for travelers to explore.

While traveling to Asia, visitors come across many landscapes such as large mountains, wide valleys, long rivers or extreme weather phenomena. And especially the exciting roads in Asia is one of the exciting experiences not to be missed.

The Travel page has listed the 10 most beautiful roads in Asia, of which Vietnam has two places in this list. The first is the Hai Van Pass, a coastal road connecting the two cities of Hue and Da Nang. The interesting thing about this road is the twisting curves, the rich vegetation along the way, the beautiful scenery overlooking the ocean and many destinations along this pass. Hai Van is considered one of the most important coastal roads in Vietnam. Hai Van Pass has appeared in a number of films and was even featured in the popular BBC car show Top Gear in 2008.

Two Vietnamese roads are in the top 10 most beautiful places to see in Asia - Photo 1.

Hi Vanpass. Photo: Vntrip.

The second place in Vietnam on this list is Ha Giang Loop (loosely translated: A round of Ha Giang). This is a unique bypass in Ha Giang, about 350 km from the city center to Quan Ba, through Dong Van, then to Meo Vac and finally back to the city. This route is on the list of interesting destinations for many tourists because it passes through many different and unique natural scenes such as walking along the mountains, seeing the landscape above and covering the whole valley. Valley below. Getting here requires caution due to the overlapping mountain terrain and many sharp and unexpected turns.

Two Vietnamese roads are in the top 10 most beautiful places to see in Asia - Photo 2.

Ha Giang Loop. Photo: Getty Images.

The other eight roads on this list are the Karakoram Expressway, Pakistan; Leh-Manali highway, India; Hualien, Taroko Gorge Natural Park, Taiwan; West Coast Road, Phuket, Thailand; Ilju road, Korea; Patapat Viaduct Road, Philippines; Taiwan Rueinag Road; Coastal road of Hokkaido, Japan.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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