One of our favorite game consoles, the Nintendo Switch, is now five years old. Despite its longevity in the console market, more and more gamers are choosing to play Switch because of its cool game titles and very convenient play modes.

The Switch has a really good wide screen in addition to the highly adaptive play options, and the controls are cleverly made.

There’s a 3D designer company that claims the Switch experience could be better. What’s next for tabletop and vertical Switch gaming?

Switch from horizontal view to vertical view in an instant with this Kickstarter switch stand

We already have many Nintendo Switch table stands on the market. Also, Nintendo has long supported vertical mode in some games. This Kickstarter project from a design and production company called Retro Frog offers Nintendo Switch users not only vertical and horizontal displays, but also TATE orientation displays.

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Fandom describes TATE mode or eTATE mode as a feature mostly used by games of the ‘shoot-em-up’ genre. Many vertical shoot-em-ups or shmups have a feature called TATE mode that rotates the screen 90 degrees left or right. This allows the player to tilt their monitor to show a longer vertical view while playing the game.

According to Nintendo Life, this desktop stand for Nintendo Switch also allows users to tilt their device in 18-degree increments. This feature allows Switch users to adjust their screens to an angle that suits their sitting position.

While holding the Switch device firmly, this Kickstarter Switch stand can be rotated up to 360 degrees and with notches every 90 degrees to lock it in place. You can now switch from playing a horizontal display game to a vertical shmup classic in an instant.

If lucky enough to get funding and support, this project from Retro Frog can fit both the original and OLED Switch models for its desktop stand without the hassle of blocked charging ports. The USB-C charging cable can still be easily plugged into the console even though it is mounted on the RoTATE stand.

This Kickstarter project is your ‘on the go’ switch desktop stand

While there are buttonless commands for the Switch, many players don’t like their Switch buttons being blocked by their desktop mount. The RoTATE is made so that players still have full access to all the original Switch buttons and controls.

Unlike most desktop mounts for the Switch, this one from Kickstarter is actually portable. The stand comes with a removable base that makes it easy for Switch fans to take them anywhere.

At the time of writing, this Kickstarter project is nearly halfway to its $10,000 funding goal. The project is only on Kickstarter today, and it has 29 days left to reach its goal of creating more RoTATE booths for Switch users.

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