You’ve probably uploaded lesser photos on Instagram in 2020 than in previous years. The facts that we were all not allowed to travel or dine in restaurants to get those Instagrammable snaps have somehow affected what and how often you uploaded on the photo-sharing service.

But hey, it’s still great to know which of your photos got the most likes! It’s a reflection of some sort as to how your year went.

Instagram’s Top Nine kickstarted in 2016, and has since then become an annual year-end tradition for most Instagram users. It allows users to revisit the nine most popular posts they’ve uploaded over the year in a three-by-three grid.

Though Instagram doesn’t really have in-app way for you to collect your best posts, there are some easily downloadable apps such as Best Nine and Top Nine to help you flick back through your follower-approved moments.

How to get your Instagram Top Nine

  1. Open the app (resuming you’ve already downloaded it from your App Store or Google Play) and type in your Instagram handle/username
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Your Top Nine will come together on the next page. Be patient. It may take a little bit, as everyone’s on the app too!
  4. The app will then show you the total number of likes you’ve accumulated in 2020 as well as reveal the nine images that got the most “hearts”
  5. You can’t instantly share your Top Nine result. You will receive an email with the collage as well as an option to download it to your phone’s photo gallery and share it on Instagram

How to get your Instagram Best Nine

  1. Open the app and click Get Started
  2. You will be prompted to select “All Time”, “By Year” and “Custom Range”
  3. The app will then generate the collage, and you can edit the order of the tiles or adjust how zoomed in the image is
  4. Once you’re okay with everything, hit Next and the Share it as an Instagram post

Read, set go – let’s check out which of our Instagram photos were actually seen as Insta-worthy by our followers!  Here’s a tip: as these different apps generate different collage formats and options, it would be great to try them all out first before you share your collage on your profile.


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