Rafael Nadal became the first one in the tennis world to pay tribute to Diego Maradona, a legendary soccer player, who has passed away this Wednesday due to a cardiac arrest. 

Diego Maradona’s death was shocking news for everyone, including athletes from other fields. Though Rafael Nadal is a fan of Real Madrid-the biggest rivalry of Barcelona, the athlete paid tribute to Maradona-a legend of Barcelona. “Today the world of sports in general and football, in particular, has a void,” he wrote his Twitter. The record holder of the tennis world besides Roger Federer loved soccer as much as Maradona, and he has admitted that if he did not become a tennis player, Nadal would have become a soccer player.

“One of the greatest sportsmen in history, Diego Maradona, has left us. What he did in football will remain. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to his family, the world of football, and to all of Argentina,” Nadal kept writing on his Twitter. Nadal was not the only tennis athlete who paid tribute to Maradona, but his rival, Roger Federer also did the same thing.

“A champion and icon loved by all,” the tweet was accompanied with a picture of Roger Federer. 

The death of a legend was a shock for everyone, and Rafael  Nadal was not the outsider of that cycle. The Spaniard leads the tennis in terms of tributing the legend of soccer world. In Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, fans of Boca Juniors – the club that Maradona used to play for – cried for his mourning. Personally, as a fan of soccer, I also wanted to tribute Maradona for he has done for the soccer world. Such a legend of the soccer world!Goodbye Maradona! Adios.

The Spanish tennis player also loves soccer. Photo: Reuters

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