New console of PlayStation family, PS5, is a powerful machine itself. However, optimizing the PS5 is still a need of some players.

Players still search for a set of PS5 nowadays because the machine is usually in shortage of stock. But for players who got their hands touched on the machine, optimizing the PS5 has become the next concern to them. Here are some tips that you can use and it will helps you optimize the function of your favorite console. Remember, optimizing PS5 function is the choice of players and the brand has rights to deny your warranty if problem occurring while you optimize the machine.

Check the privacy settings

During the setting up process, players will be ask to pick their privacy setting for their PS5 console. Players have four series of option to choose from including social and open, and solo and focused.

Privacy settings essentially allow you to track your profile and share it with other players. Furthermore, when you go in-depth with the setting, it separates even more detailed. You can find this settings under the tab “Users and Accounts”.

Check your power settings

Likely to privacy settings, power settings allow your console to use power more efficiently, especially when it is in resting mode. With this setting, you can decide how long should it takes for your console to absolutely power down and especially, you can also decide whether you want to turn on the system automatic update.

It is pretty annoying in the predecessor PS4, but now you can tackle it in new console. By the way, you can optimize the machine thanks to this settings.

Use HDR sliders

If your TV offer HDR option, please use it correctly on your PS5. The contrast and brightness of HDR on your TV play a crucial role in optimizing the power of the PS5. By the way, it optimizes your gaming experience as well. Therefore, checking the setting of HDR can be so urgent in terms of optimizing the console.

Check performance and resolution

In PS4 Pro, PlayStation allowed gamers to choose between performance and resolution ( frame-rate) of the game when they play. Usually, if you don’t have a 4K HD TV, choosing performance is the better option for you so that you can have the best gaming experience.

In order to make the adjustment, you can check it at Saved Data Game/App settings and pick your preset resolution/performance.

Check your spoiler setting

When you visit the PS Store, there might be spoilers appearing on your face, and please don’t ignore it. It decreases the optimization of your console and makes the experience with PS5 become less pleasing.

Next time, when you use your console, you can turn of the spoiler by visiting Saved Data Game/App section.

PS5 is an outstanding product of Sony.

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