The latest console named PlayStation 5 had been launched in November.

PS5 is an innovation with advanced features that are awaited by those who are enthusiastic about gaming.

The price tag of PS5 in the North American market will be about 399$-499$, according to Sony. The modifications of PS5 is focusing on new graphics, modernized controllers, and the number of limited games.

It costs a cheaper price at 400$ when buying the PS5 Digital Edition with no disc drive. Though two versions of the new consoles possess the same technical designs, it is necessary to download your own game when buying the digital one.


The PS5 is taller and wider than its predecessor PS4. The new version has curves along the body which softening the corners. The logo on the left corner standing out from the white background, which is the black on the previous version. The gadget looks unique with blue led lines.


The storage of PS5 is up to 825GB. It takes 100GB to run apps and games satisfactorily. The remaining storage is 700 GB which is suitable for downloading 9 games. The price will be risen if players need a storage upgrade.

PS5 is an outstanding product of Sony.

Supported games

The next generation of matching game is the most appealing part of the PlayStation 5.

Users will be experienced the advanced PlayStation 5 controller along with a three-dimensional platformer called “Astro’s Playroom” and had a sense of innovation. The game occupies about 11GB of space which could put gamers at a disadvantage when they tend to save every gigabyte.

That is how Sony makes you act instantly when loading up the console. The sound becomes closer and the environment becomes realistic thanks to the speaker of the controller. Despite the equipped speaker on the PS4 controller, not all games could use it.

The game called “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” with the familiar character in the 2018 blockbuster-Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – would draw gamers’ curiosity.

Realistic shadow and lighting effects have been added with the help of features ray-tracing. The user begins to join the game by changing brightness settings while Miles Morales using his phone on the subway. The ability of PlayStation is illustrated wonderfully with a perfect introduction in a game which is full of spider-web and rumbles during fights against gangster and villain.

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PS5 is being hunted at high intensity. Photo: AFP

Sony has to face the challenge that forcing the gamers to upgrade their systems if they want to play new titles of games when the developers start producing games just for PS5. When “Astro’s Playroom” is only played on PS5, “Miles Morales is available for PlayStation 4. However, it is not necessary to upgrade the console because not all of the new games are limited on PS5.

PS5 controller can be maximized the power with a version of “Ghost of Tsushima”. When the PS4 controllers offer rumble during samurai’s move, the innovative PS5 ones make specific light vibrations.

The users will be shown an attractive interface with colorful bubbles on the black background, comparing to the dark blue backdrop on PlayStation 4 Pro’s screen. the music is also from the game’s library, such as jazz from “Persona 5” and hip hop from “Spider-Man: Miles Morales.”

Make sure that saving your data from PlayStation 4 to the new version before transferring. “My PS5 didn’t cross-save my progress in games like “Ghost” and “Final Fantasy VII: Remake” until I went into settings manually through a complicated process to transfer it”, a user said. When the Xbox Series provides an instant cross-saving, it is common that PS5’s owner to save when transfer data.

Screenshots or screen records of the game playing process in an hour can be uploaded to social media or a USB drive. Comparing to Microsoft allowing users to upload photos and video to the One Drive.

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