The new DualSense controller of PS5 is impressive and can do a lot of impressive stuff, but it is not really that better than the predecessor. Yet, the issue with multiple gaming experience still exists.

The Sony new PlayStation 5 is more impressive than the previous PlayStation 4, and definitely, the new DualSense controller of the console is much better than its brother. New features of PS5 controller allows gamers enhance to a better gaming experience. Thus, they have a better environment of entertaining and relaxing. Nonetheless, the Dual Sense controller doesn’t solve everything.

The DualSense controller was even praised higher than the machine since it provided an adaptive triggers. This new features make experience with games like Call of Duty and Astro’s Playroom become more realistic to the players. But as it has been said earlier, the DualSense controller is not undisputed; it has its own problem.

 An annoying rest mode glitch is the biggest issue with this controller. PS5 controller can provide gamers so many things including a more realistic gaming experience, but at the same time, it tackled the experience with the rest mode. The rest mode required PS5 controller to be charged in order to continue, and as a result, it turns down the interesting experience of the gamers.

PS5 controller is beautiful but not good enough. Photo: Sony

Sony fixed this problem as soon as they noticed it, but there is one remaining issue: it is hard to turn the inverted controller on and off. Likely to the previous controllers of PlayStation family, the PS5 controller required players to set up everything manually before engaging the multiple gaming.

It is especially annoying if you have a family game, and each time, you have to manually set up the controller in order to pass it to the next one. PS5 controller looks glamorous and it is a positive thing about the console. However, there is no button helping the multiple gaming become less complicated.

In the other word, PS5 controller looks beautiful but the traditional structure of it is remained.

Adding a new button to the controller will be a crucial change of the console. And perhaps, Sony will have to consider the change in the next updating of PS5 console.



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