The PlayStation 5 has been one of the most anticipated consoles of the modern era, and it brings the massive improvements there is to a gaming console but has been suffering performance issues due to PS5 bugs. Yes, the latest gaming console from Sony is also a victim of and has been suffering from several issues, especially with its DualSense controller which is fairly new.

PS5 DualSense Controller

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No, it is not only the PlayStation 5 that is suffering from performance issues; it has also caught up to the next-generation controller, which is the most peculiar design and look among all of its releases. DualSense has officially phased out the DualShock, which has been around since the original PlayStation’s release.

Next to the PC, the PlayStation 5 is still a highly-rated console to develop games on, and it would surely go a long way for Sony in terms of development.

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PS5 Bugs: DualSense Controller Issues and How to Fix

PS5 DualSense Controller

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The software will always be flawed, as it would require a never-ending cycle of development and updates for it to be better, particularly with the PS5, which is only starting in the market. Most players that have their hands on the console are already reporting PS5 Bugs and issues, and while it is common, it sure is annoying.

DualSense Drift

One of the most notorious PS5 bugs right now is the ‘DualSense Drift’ issue, which have already reached court last year due to Sony failing to let create public awareness accordingly. Controller drifts are detected whenever the character is moving on the screen despite the gamer not touching the DualSense. Before calling for service or warranty, try this fix first:

  • It may be caused by dirt accumulating in the crevices of the DualSense, and a good spray of air may help in removing them.
  • Clean using other disinfectants but be careful when using liquid as the controller is not waterproof.
  • Users may also opt to reset the DualSense using a pin and inserting it at the back of the controller for three to five seconds before removing it.
  • Connect the controller using USB-C to pair it to the PlayStation.

If this does not fix the issue, bring it in for service or warranty.

How to Update DualSense Manually

According to PSU, DualSense needs a little manual update if it does not work fully with the latest version of the console. Sometimes, this happens due to connectivity issues between the console and controller.

  • Go to Settings > Network and turn off the internet or WiFi connection of the console.
  • Set the date to the day after, via manual settings.
  • Connect the DualSense via USB-C to the PS5
  • Restart the PS5
  • Update the DualSense and keep it plugged in.
PS5 DualSense Controller Drift

(Photo : Screenshot From Austin Evans YouTube)

DualSense ‘Not Charging Error’

While there is no exact fix for this, Sony’s DualSense “Not Charging” PS5 Bug had isolated cases with users saying that their controllers are not charging. To fix this, users need to ensure that the USB-C is not broken by connecting it to an adaptor for a wall socket and charging a USB-C device.

If it is broken, then it is best to use an extra one used for the smartphone or buy a new one from Sony. Users also report that connecting it via the rear USB port of the PS5 fixes this issue. autonomous function, fulfilled by the technology and elements around it.

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