Sometimes planning a trip with friends is almost as much fun as making the trip itself.

You have all the time in the world to dig through information about different destinations. In fact, you should do your due diligence before buying the tickets or filling up your vehicle(s) and embarking on an unforgettable journey. Let’s see how you too can plan the most memorable trip of your life with your friends

  • Choose only like-minded friends

While it is always good to have a large circle of friends who come from different walks of life, all your friends are not always the ideal travel companions. It is very important to choose your travel buddies when you go on a road trip. For example, suppose you all like guns and other combat weapons and want to get them back from a weapons show, but one of your friends is an outspoken pacifist and wants nothing to do with it. In this case, it is not a wise idea to travel with someone who does not share your own passions and interests.

Plus, it would be a bad idea to carry him along in case legal complications arise from traveling with firearms. Always remember that you will be spending a lot of time in a very small space with a lot of people. Ultimately, they can get on your nerves. Try to enjoy yourself and your group of friends, because it’s important to spend time traveling with them as much as you can while you are young.

This is the single most important thing to do before you start planning a road trip. You need to set a specific budget and make sure that each member of your vacation trip or tour group is willing to pay the amount it takes to get to any destination you want. If your friends aren’t willing to spring for a trip to Venice (for example), it might be worth thinking of a cheaper destination. Think about the budget you need for your phone data, research which phone plan to use and check the best sim only offers online.

Remember that you share fuel costs, food costs and hotels along with tours. If some of you decide to go for a more expensive plan, it won’t be fair to those who can’t afford it. If you’re planning to travel with a teardrop trailer, consider getting the latest model that’s ultra-light, expandable, and organically inspired. So make sure that the expenses are affordable for everyone before you start looking for a dream destination.

  • Make some separate plans together

Plans are only good if they are made together. If one of you decides to wander the wilderness alone while the others are asleep, it could give others a mini heart attack! Always make sure that you make plans together and that everyone is involved. Of course, a certain amount of compromise will be necessary.

For example, if one of you is desperate to try an exotic dish like ‘Bannu Pulao’, when you just want a simple club sandwich, you should be calm about that. Keep in mind some important things while traveling such as keeping your passport and other important documents you may need with you.

If you people get lost and Google Maps is no help. Don’t blame each other but enjoy the absurdity of the situation. The main reason your plans are so loose is their flexibility. Suppose you want to go to a museum but you cannot get tickets. In this case, you just have to switch to plan B and go visit a hospitable friend’s house. After all, that’s what friends in foreign cities and countries are for. Don’t forget to give them a big hug before you leave!

  • Split up every now and then

You don’t always have to be part of the group, sometimes it’s okay to go out alone and see things you’re particularly passionate about, even if the others don’t share your passion.

While public transport is all well and good, nothing gives you as much freedom and independence as driving your own vehicle. However, if you plan to drive abroad, you will definitely need an international driver’s license, so make sure your documents are up to date.

Planning trips with your friends is a pan-ultimate adventure, second only to making the trip yourself. Make sure you’re with the right people and go for it!

Source: Vietnam Insider


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