Phu Quoc is recommended by Forbes, CNN, and Telegraph as the attractive destination for traveling on their publication pages. Here is the insight into the place.

Phu Quoc is the name of an island compound placed in the Southern part of Vietnam. It has a coastal length of 150 k.m and 40 islands around. In 2017, The English Telegraph described the Vietnamese island as the hidden gem of the Far East. Actually, the Vietnamese name of this island compound can be translated into the land of gems and richness.

Xuong island and Thom island are the most two favorites arrivals of the Telegraph’s reporters. The reporters of Telegraph described Phu Quoc as their favorite place since the weather is welcoming and the foods are delicious. “This is it – this is my paradise island,” the reporter wrote.

So many times in the article of the Telegraph, she confessed her admiration to Phu Quoc and repeatedly explained why the Vietnamese island compound would be a paradise for travelers. In 2019, Forbes also recognized the Vietnamese destination in their top 6 most beautiful beaches in the world. Such an honor!

The American magazine introduced that visitors can experience beautiful beaches, fishing, or kayak on the island. What is so special about the island is the name of it which perfectly reflects why the nature at Phu Quoc is so beautiful and attractive.

Besides, CNN added Phu Quoc to the list of top 17 destinations of Asia. The newspaper also praised the Vietnamese island as the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia.

Alike to these newspaper, I have about 10-20 reasons to visit the destination, but for me, there is only one reason to choose the island compound for your next trip. It is an irresistibly beautiful place for an adventurous soul. I have been moving and traveling for my entire life, and there is no place to offer me a more beautiful beach than the Southern Vietnam island.

Despite the effect of COVID-19, TripAdvisor and Traveloka still recommend the Vietnamese destination as the top 10 places for your holiday. These traveling apps suggested the beach of Phu Quoc as the most attractive attribute of the destination. As I have said earlier, I have so many reasons to choose the island for my holiday, but the irresistible beauty of the place is the only thing that makes me have to consider.

Maybe I will go there on my next summer trip when the COVID-19 storm is potentially stopped.



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