The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam will study, assess and propose investment forms to expand Phu Quoc Airport (Kien Giang) to 1.5 times its current capacity by 2030.

The Ministry of Transport has just sent a document to the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam to study and propose an investment form to expand Phu Quoc International Airport to a capacity of 10 million passengers/year by 2030.

Accordingly, the Civil Aviation Administration is assigned to assess the current state of infrastructure, land, planning and transportation needs; study investment forms according to current regulations and evaluate and propose an appropriate investment form, time and roadmap to expand Phu Quoc airport to meet local development needs. Report the results to the Department of Transport for submission to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision.

Currently, Phu Quoc Airport is designed with a capacity of 4 million passengers per year. In 2019 (when there was no COVID-19 epidemic), this airport served 3.7 million passengers.

Recently, a company sent a document to the Ministry of Transport proposing to invest in the expansion of Phu Quoc Airport to include passenger, cargo and runway terminals.

At present, Phu Quoc airport is assigned to the Airport Corporation (ACV) for the management and operation, so ACV is responsible for the investment in expanding the essential works of this airport. Should ACV not be able to invest as planned, the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management will propose to call up investments in the form of socialisation.

According to the master plan for the development of the national airport and the airport system for the period 2021-2030, with a vision until 2050, Phu Quoc airport will be expanded to a capacity of 10 million passengers/year by 2030 and reach 18 million visitors /year by 2050.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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