The Philips Hue app just got a total overhaul; more than a hundred new improvements are coming to it. Users should expect it to be easier to navigate, and there are additional security features as well. 

Philips Hue App Gets a Total Design Overhaul

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The Philips Hue App is getting a total design overhaul. It is fixing some interface issues and adding features that could add convenience to its users.

Smart lights, regardless if it is from Philips or not, completes the overall ambiance of your refuge depending on your mood. It could recreate a different vibe when, let us say, you are binge-watching your favorite series, or catching up with your reading goals. 

Through lights alone, its different variations and combinations could transport its users to various dimensions. 

However, it could also strengthen home security as per TechRadar. Users could turn on the lights even if they are miles away, and it could fool criminal minds that there are currently occupants in the house. 

Philips Hue 4.0.

Philips Hue is getting a significant update on June 3, and there are a couple of new features to look forward to. The app that makes smart light even smarter is rolling out on both iOS and Android. 

The Hue lights manufacturer called Signify said that it built the latest update “from the ground up,” The Verge reported. 

Although there are hundreds of new upgrades to talk about, here are some of the highlights. 

In the newest update, accessing room controls is easier. Users only need to tap on a specific zone or room. Then, a grid will show every light and mood option. Previously, users have to look for the options from multiple tabs. It will now be presented all together via a grid. 

Furthermore, users will no longer have to waste time going further to the settings menu to add a new light to a room. In the app overhaul, the Room tab will have that option readily. 

Aside from the said features, Signify also claims that the app is faster to use now. Beforehand, if users select a command in the app, the lights take 30 seconds to respond. With the new update, it is expected to comply in less than a second. 

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Security Upgrade 

As mentioned, the modern lights from Philips are also getting some tweaks for their security features. 

In the same report, TechRadar said users could automatically turn on their porch lights once the sun sets, even before the update. It helps alert intruders that there are people inside the property. However, it could be an energy waste when it stays on until the users wake up. 

The significant update will now enable via app an option to set it to turn off at a specific time as well. 

Additionally, Philips also added a new feature that creates a randomized switching on and off of the lights. It could confuse intruders trying to observe the homeowner’s activity. 

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