In an attempt to support bus companies with their digital transformation, Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC – member of Phenikaa Group – has developed a package of AI-based solutions for the betterment of bus management (BMS).

The package is expected to provide smart solutions for transport businesses raise the quality of monitoring and administration of bus networks, encourage companies to better use technological applications in operation and speed up the development of smart cities in Vietnam.

Smart bus management solution BMS

Digital transformation is an inevitable move for all companies to maximize their productivity and improve business operations, especially for bus businesses that often run into difficulties with managing a vast count of public buses. Therefore, Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC (Phenikaa MaaS) has come up with a package of bus management solutions (BMS) to help businesses perform better in administration of vehicles and encourage the use of technologies to save costs and manpower in operations.


The led screenboard displaying information of the vehicle and its route (bSmartLED) is installed on the bus and at the bus stop

The artificial intelligence (AI)-based BMS package is developed and combined between a number of solutions and devices such as the smart information led screenboard (bSmartLed) installed at the bus stop, the automatic calculation of time on estimated time on arrival for buses (bSmartETA), digital map (bMap), positioning equipment (bGPS), an AI Box device to monitor passengers and drive (bHub) and digital map app for passengers. These solutions and devices enable the bus operator to calculate and notify the traveling status of the vehicle to passengers based on the AI through led screenboards installed in the bus and at the bus stop and monitor every activity of the driver. Moreover, the AI Box – bHub helps manage the count of passengers and driver through real-time streaming cameras, which automatically detect wrongdoings among passengers and driver whenever they do not wear masks, put on seatbelts, and use mobilephones and smoke while driving.  Besides, BMS package also allows the bus operator to extract vehicle and driver data and improve reporting activities. These features may assist the bus operator to administrate all activities on the bus and assure the safety for passengers amidst the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The streaming camera is set up to monitor all activities of the driver and passengers during the trip

The BMS package is a part of the general solution on smart mobility that is developed by Phenikaa MaaS to hasten the use technological products in the transport sector for the development of smart cities in the country.


Interests in BMS solution

According to Phenikaa MaaS, the BMS package has drawn interests from some high-profile organizations and companies in Vietnam. In the development of smart mobility, Phenikaa MaaS has partnered with VinBus – the brand of Vingroup – to construct a platform on hybrid bus management. Under the partnership, Phenikaa MaaS has developed a webcore network to manage and display the data of bus systems. With this system, VinBus can manage routes and stops, get real-time information of bus data, location and speed. On the other hand, passengers can easily search for bus information, location and estimated time of arrival at bus stops and bus stations, so that they can be more active on their journeys via mobile and web applications.

The AI Box – bHub device allows the bus operator to monitor the driver through real-time streaming cameras and detect all wrongdoings committed by the driver

In addition, Phenikaa MaaS has worked with PHX Smart School JSC (also a member of Phenikaa Group Ecosystem) to provide the BMS solution for M&H Investment Co. Ltd. in order to promote the use of technologies in the foundation of smart schools and educational centers. The solution equips school buses run by M&H Company with modern features, enabiling the school, the bus operator and parents to keep eyes on the buses when traveling and make sure students are safe.

Phenikaa MaaS is also working with other partners in Hanoi and Binh Duong to bring BMS solution into life.

Having expanded its influence in the transport sector, particularly the public transport segment, Phenikaa MaaS hopes the Company’s products and solutions will result in a higher number of bus travelers, thus contributing to the construction of smart cities. Through the activity, Phenikaa MaaS is progressing in the journey to become “a conscious technological business” in order to introduce sustainable benefits and values for the country, the community and the society.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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