People can do online marriage registration by following the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the marriage registration page on the National Public Service Portal,000894

Then select the Province/City, Province/District, District/Municipality where the marriage registration procedure is performed and press Okay

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Step 2: Login to the system

After people have selected Submit Online the system asks users to log in to the National Government Portal. People can use an account issued by the National Public Service Portal or an account issued by Vietnam Post.

If you don’t have an account, people choose Register and follow the instructions

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Step 3: Declare Marriage Registration Information

After login, the system takes the user to the information declaration page of each place.

People have to fill in the correct information about the woman, the man, the relevant information… The fields marked with a red * are mandatory.

Online Marriage Registration Instructions - Photo 3.

Step 4: Submit attached documents

Online Marriage Registration Instructions - Photo 4.

In the Appendix section, people upload image files about the necessary documents for the authorities to verify and process the application. Types of documents include:

– A certificate of marital status issued by the People’s Committee of the municipality if the marriage registration applicant does not register his/her permanent residence at the place where the marriage registration procedures are carried out.

If the applicant for the marriage registration works, studies or works abroad for a fixed period of time, he/she must present a certificate of marital status issued by a diplomatic or consular mission of Vietnam. Man issued abroad (requires a copy of the original)

– Documents proving the identity of both men and women, such as: Passport, ID card / CCCD or other documents with photos and personal information issued by competent authorities, still valid. The ID/CCCd must be taken on both sides of the original or a notarized copy.

– Documents proving the residence of both men and women: Household book or temporary residence book copied from both sides from the original or a notarized copy. If the housekeeping book has been withdrawn, a certificate of residence is required.

– Issue divorce notes for cases where Vietnamese citizens have registered their permanent residence in the municipality to carry out marriage registration procedures, and their previous divorce has been resolved in a foreign competent authority. Extracts of divorce notes must be taken from the original, a notarized copy, or from the original book.

Step 3: Check all declared information, select “I take responsibility before the law for the above statement”

Select Get on enter the correct code and then press Submit complete. Finally, wait for the result to confirm that the profile has been sent to the email address.

If the application is incomplete or incomplete, the applicant will receive instructions to complete and supplement the application in accordance with the regulations.

At the time of receiving the results, people bring the original documents or copies with officials to the competent authority to compare and receive the results.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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