Cua Van is a hundred-year-old fishing village on Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh. The beauty of this place is preserved by floating houses, fishing scenes of fishermen and fishing boats.

Belonging to the tourist route number 3, the old fishing village of Cua Van is located in the heartland of the heritage, the natural wonder of the world, Ha Long Bay welcomes a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year to visit.

Cua Van Fishing Village is located in Hung Thang District, Ha Long City, 10 km from Tuan Chau International Cruise Port. This fishing village was created a few hundred years ago from two old fishing villages, Giang Vong and Truc Vong.

With the site surrounded by rocky mountains, big waves can’t hit, high winds are blocked by high mountains, this is a safe place to avoid storms for fishermen when the sea is rough. Hundreds of fishing boats drop anchor in bad weather.

Visitors who come here can see the floating fishermen’s houses tied together at the base of the mountain, without the usual sound of car horns, so they find this space very peaceful.

A fisherman’s little floating house is decorated with pretty orchid pots. This fishing village was formed hundreds of years ago by fishermen who went to sea to seek shelter from storms. Over time, this place has become a fishing community with unique cultural features that cannot be found anywhere else.

All children here from an early age learn from adults how to survive with the sea, such as fishing, boating, swimming.

From afar you can clearly see the fishing village of Van Canh floating on the clear blue sea.

Fishermen in the fishing village of Van Canh still use traditional fishing gear to catch shrimp and fish, so marine animals will not be exterminated, but exploited with classification.

This is also a cultural feature that many tourists like and want to experience.

The fishing village of Cua Van has been named one of the 16 most beautiful fishing villages in the world by the Journeyetc website, along with fishing villages of Switzerland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Japan…

The traditional house displays fishing tools from ancient times so that visitors here can understand more about the cultural history of the old fishing village of Van Canh.

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