Budgets for some events are different for different events. When it comes to planning an event, your ability to successfully organize it depends on how effectively you manage your finances. Most people think that if you have a lot of money or unlimited resources you can host the best event, but that doesn’t mean events with smaller budgets won’t make an impact and be successful.

Fortunately, events don’t have to be expensive, as important as they are. You can still achieve your goals, make a lasting impression and organize effectively, even on a tight budget. Here are a few time-tested event suggestions that will help you impress guests and superiors on a budget.

Make a plan for the budget

The first thing you should do before organizing an event is to create a document for the budget, the next stage is to list everything you need for your event after preparing your budget sheet. Once you’ve listed every item you need to buy or rent for your event, it’s time to calculate your costs. It is essential to include every purchase you make on your budget sheet to ensure you spend your event money carefully and maintain your financial stability. If you don’t, you could end up paying too much and losing track of your spending. Remember to keep it updated at all times.

Choose a theme

A personalized event theme can seem expensive at first. However, themes really limit the options for food and decorations. By limiting the number of decorations, a theme not only keeps costs down, but also gives guests a more cohesive experience.

Keep catering costs low

Keeping track of where your catering budget going is the first essential step. Although the basis of a satisfying visitor experience is food and drink. Only if your event is a culinary event, then the food and drink should be central.

Select a menu that is reasonably priced and allows people to enjoy mixing and creating their dishes. Instead of holding the event during lunch or dinner, choose a time when appetizers or desserts will be served. Hosting a brown bag lunch, where guests bring their food and the host offers a large, delicious salad, elegant dessert, or spa drinks, is another option for minimizing costs. Tell the bar staff that you want to pay per drink instead of per person when serving alcohol.

Make a sustainable choice for your tableware

If you are tired of not knowing which dinnerware to choose and you want to experiment with a different style, you can try it disposable tableware sets for a chic and durable look. No matter what your color scheme or theme is, you can always match the table set. In addition to being simple to use, disposable dinnerware sets can be made of high-quality material that can withstand any type of food.

Decorations on a budget

Decorations can eat up a big chunk of your budget, so when planning, keep in mind to decorate sparingly. For example, crafting is a very good idea if you want to improve your DIY skills, try YouTube. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reduce your event planning costs. This prevents problems and protects any future residents of your event.

Take some volunteers

Regardless of the theme or topic of the event, there are always people willing to help, just for a good cause. So always remember to invite some volunteers for help. They can contribute without necessarily paying any additional fees. They only need proper direction and access to a key member of the management team when an important action needs to be completed.


It is important to start preparing your budget early as organizing an event can be quite stressful. Many event planners believe that spending more money than necessary is the key to throwing a spectacular event. But the tips above just go to show that you can still impress and give your attendees a memorable experience, even if you’re not hosting the biggest or flashiest event money can buy. Remember that keeping track of all expenses for each of your activities is essential if you want to stay under your spending limit.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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