Google Grace Hopper, a subsea cable that is 3,900-miles long, has now reached the United Kingdom. This massive wire named after the pioneering computer scientist, Grace Hopper, is expected to connect the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain.  

New Google 3900-Mile Grace Hopper Subsea Capable Reaches UK and Other Countries To Enhance Network's Strength

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A woman works on her computer as on the wall behind is seen the logo of web search engine Google at Frankfurt’s international book fair, on 23 October 2005, the fair’s last day. South Korea is the guest of honour at the 57th annual Frankfurt Book Fair and has brought out 62 authors to Germany to introduce them to the western public. Some 270.000 people are expected to visit the world’s most important book fair, and 7000 exhibitors from 100 countries are present.

“The cable will improve the resilience of the Google network that underpins our consumer and enterprise products,” said that giant search engine company via its official blog post. 

On the other hand, the tech giant firm confirmed that its new giant cable would enhance the company’s network so that consumers could communicate with their loved ones and friends more efficiently. 

Thanks to Google’s innovation, many people can now contact other individuals from point A to point B smoother and easier. This would help a lot of users since they are unable to visit their families because of the current COVID-19 restrictions implemented by various governments across the globe. 

Google’s Grace Hopper Subsea Cable 

According to CNET’s latest report, Google’s latest Grace Hopper cable represents a new generation of trans-Atlantic cable. Jane Stowell, the strategic negotiator of a global infrastructure for Google, explained that the company started to work on this massive wire back in 2003. 

New Google 3900-Mile Grace Hopper Subsea Capable Reaches UK and Other Countries To Enhance Network's Strength

(Photo : Photo credit should read TORSTEN SILZ/DDP/AFP via Getty Images)
Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY: Fair-goers use laptops at the US search engine giant Google’s stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair 08 October 2006. Human rights groups at the world’s biggest book fair this week accused Internet giants such as Yahoo and Google of selling their Chinese users down the river to gain a toehold in a boundless market.

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On the other hand, the 3,900-mile cable is also a part of Google’s ongoing investment in the U.K., which aims to support users relying on their tools to start their own businesses and other personal agendas. 

Besides, the new subsea cable is also designed to enhance the technology sector in the U.K., which has now grown up to 40% for the last two years. This just shows that Google clearly wants to offer better technological advancements. 

In other news, Google Assistant Driving Mode was also released to replace the Android Auto. On the other hand, Google Photos printing service has expanded its shipping options and other features.  

Other Giant Cables of Google

Aside from the Grace Hopper, Google also has other giant subsea cables that are now operating in various countries. These include the Firmina. 

This wire was specifically designed to act as a subsea internet cable, which stretches from the United States East Coast to the eastern seaboard of South America. 

On the other hand, the search engine giant also announced its partnership with Sparkle, which led to the creation of the Blue and Ramab subsea cable systems. 

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