The Department of Health reported 141,151 new Covid cases, all but two local infections in 62 cities and counties, on March 20, down 9,457 cases from the day before yesterday, marking a fourth day of new Covid cases. in a row means.

The data showed that Hanoi City had the highest number with 19,065, followed by Nghe An with 9,333 and Phu Tho with 5,747. Other places discovered fewer than 5,000 infections each.

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The Ministry of Health of Vinh Phuc has registered to add 25,056 previously discovered cases to the national monitoring system for Covid cases.

The new Covid cases have increased the country’s Covid caseload to more than 7.95 million, with 4.1 million Covid patients fully recovered from the disease.

The ministry also reported 63 new Covid deaths in 31 cities and counties, bringing the number of Covid deaths in the country to 41,880.

In related news, the Prime Minister has ordered the Ministry of Health to study and plan the vaccination of children aged three to five.

In addition, the ministry was instructed to consider giving the fourth injection of the Covid vaccine to adults and the third dose to children aged 12-17, according to a statement released by the government agency on March 19.

The head of government also ordered the ministry to accelerate the purchase of Covid vaccines and the production of homegrown vaccines, local media reported.

Vietnam aims to complete the administration of the second vaccination against Covid-19 to children between 12 and 17 years old and the third injection to adults by the end of the first quarter of 2022, and the vaccination of children under 11 years old by September to complete this year.

As of March 19, the country had administered more than 201.6 million doses of the Covid vaccine to people 12 years and old.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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