The Queensland government has announced a brand new initiative that plans to invest nearly $1 million to provide drones for use in Cairns and Townsville. Adding to this, the Sunshine State government has indicated that the drones will be “tried initially for 12 months in each city.

Queensland plans to invest in ‘remotely piloted aircraft’

According to ZDNet’s story, the “remotely piloted aircraft” will begin integration with an air platform that is expected to have surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance capabilities.

The platform also includes AI technologies to track vehicles, as well as thermal imagers to help locate lost individuals. To add to that, police on the ground will be able to get a live feed of footage captured by the MEWP.

The Queensland Police Department plans to expand to helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft as well

The drones are reportedly part of the Queensland Police Service’s expansion when it comes to its air fleet, which is also expected to introduce new helicopters and other fixed-wing aircraft. The Acting Superintendent of Queensland Police, Marcus Hill, issued a statement regarding the expansion of the programme.

According to Hill, it was clarified that the Queensland Police Service is always on the lookout for the very latest technology and wants to be early adopters of the latest technologies that could potentially help increase and support their efforts to ‘support community security’.

Wing partners with KFC to bring deliveries to customers via drone

Operations in Queensland when it comes to drones are not really common. Earlier in February, Wing, an on-demand delivery drone company, announced it would expand the company’s pilot in southeastern Queensland.

Wing announced that they would partner with KFC to run a trial set to deliver several orders for free via drones. Customers in the area are expected to have a range of KFC menu items delivered to them via drone.

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Queensland was named ‘Home of Boeing’s Production Facility’ in October 2020

Queensland was actually named the home of Boeing’s manufacturing facility in October 2020 for its “unmanned defense aircraft.” During that time, Boeing noted that the facility would also be working on building the company’s own Airpower Teaming system and will also mark the very first time any particular Boeing military aircraft has actually been designed and developed outside of the United States.

According to an article by The Verge, on August 25 last year, Wing was on the cusp of hitting the 100,000-delivery milestone within days of the report. According to Jonathan Bass, a spokesperson for Wing at the time, the company’s expansion into Logan demonstrates Wing’s ability to “build secure, scalable services that communities will embrace.”

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