(National Ballet)

A decision was made to dismiss a member of the National Ballet who traveled abroad during the period of self-isolation.

On the afternoon of the 16th, the National Ballet held a disciplinary committee to dismiss Mr. Namo, 28, who traveled to Japan during self-isolation.

Na has been on a trip to Japan with her girlfriend during this period, and this fact was revealed through a social network service (SNS) posted by Na.

In addition, for members Kim (33) and aunt (29), who gave special lectures during the period of self-isolation, three months of suspension and one month of suspension were imposed, respectively. This measure will take effect on the 17th.

During self-quarantine period, there was no disciplinary action against Jung Dan-won A, who was in charge of promoting an internet shopping mall run by his mother.

The National Ballet said, “I deeply reflect once again on the fact that Corona 19 caused controversy as a national organization during a severe period in the country.” “I said.

Some point out that the disciplinary action of the National Ballet is excessive.

A dance official said, “I got fired because of the social atmosphere, but I think it’s a little too much to fire Dan-won Jung.”

After the performance in Daegu on the 14th and 15th of last month, all members of the National Ballet went into self-isolation from the 24th to March 1st of the same month. ()

Source: The Korea Herald


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