The US/German-owned company is giving 200 liters of storage for a half year to companies that sign up to house their stock at its secure, adaptable space.

MyStorage, the first professional mini storage company in Ho Chi Minh City, has created a special offer for local small businesses and startups to help them solve critical storage issues when growing their businesses.

From November 1 until the end of February 2021, MyStorage will offer local businesses free storage – a 4.2 million VND value – for up to 6 months. The offer is available for up to 100 companies that are not yet MyStorage customers.

The process is very easy. Interested companies sign up and then schedule a date with MyStorage to deliver two free storage boxes, which they can fill with their items. MyStorage’s staff will then come and pick up the boxes and store them at the highly secure MyStorage facility in An Phu Ward, District 2, which offers air-conditioned private self-storage units, as well as common warehouse space, and a designated packing area where e-commerce customers can pack and organize their items. 

“We know that starting a new business is challenging, and the Covid-19 crisis has made it even harder, but we believe we can help startups and small businesses get on their feet,” said MyStorage founder Aric Austin. “Our flexibility makes it easy to store large items and withdraw or deliver them as soon as they are needed.  This makes us the  ideal solution for small businesses that have limited office space, but do not yet need their own warehouse, or those that are upsizing, downsizing, or switching to a work-from-home model.”

Currently, customers include restaurant and bakery owners whose facilities are not large enough to hold their stock, families storing belongings to save living space and young digital nomads who are always on the move, but need a secure place for their personal belongings.

MyStorage offers free storage for small businesses and startups in HCMC

Cass Le-Gardner, the Australian owner of Le Truffle, is among MyStorage’s customers. “The truffle products I import from Australia are small in size, but high-value and environmentally sensitive and therefore require secure, climate-controlled storage,” Cass says. “MyStorage does just that, and they also handle my distribution from the facility to our customers should I require it. For any niche importer, secure storage of products is critical. Since working with MyStorage, they’ve become an essential cornerstone of Le Truffle’s business model”.

Founder Aric Austin started MyStorage in July 2019 based on his personal observation that mini storage offerings are scarce in Vietnam’s increasingly dense urban metropolises, despite their prevalence in cities around the world – including other Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. When Aric Austin moved from Germany to Vietnam, he struggled to find a professional storage solution in Saigon for his belongings, which gave him the idea to open one himself. The company quickly gained traction and Aric Austin was named ‘Best Entrepreneur’ at the 2020 Eurocham Business Awards.

Vietnam’s urbanization rate is increasing every year, leading to denser populations in large cities, which drives up the cost of living space and results in increased demand for storage. In Ho Chi Minh City, apartment prices surged 27.5% in Q2 2020 from a year earlier to an average of USD $2,582 per square meter according to JLL Vietnam.

MyStorage offers personal storage space (up to 3.5 cubic meters) and shared warehouse space that can fit anything from a few boxes up to the furnishings of an entire office and more. Prices start at 10,500 VND (~$0.45 USD) per day for warehouse space, while self-storage units begin at 1,000,000 VND (~$43 USD) per month. Custom pricing based on the needs of each customer is also available.

“We’ve seen a lot of appreciation and rising demand for what we offer since we opened and we expect that demand will rise further as Vietnam’s economic growth and urbanization continue,” Austin said. “We look forward to providing more local businesses with essential storage space and quality service that eases their logistical challenges as they grow.”


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