As many as 303 Sri Lankans aboard the Myanmar fishing vessel LADY R3 have been rescued by the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC Vietnam) and other foreign forces.

MRCC Vietnam received a mayday signal from MRCC Sri Lanka on Nov. 7 that the LADY R3 fishing vessel was in trouble at sea and in distress in waters approximately 258 nautical miles off the southeastern part of the Vung Tau Cape.

After receiving the news, MRCC Vietnam worked closely with international rescue services from both Singapore and Malaysia to verify the information and to call international ships for help.

The center discovered that a Helios Leader ship from Japan was moving nearby and urged the ship to change direction and cooperate in rescuing the people aboard the LADY R3.

With the support of Vietnam MRCC, all Sri Lankan people, including 264 men, 19 women and 20 children, were taken aboard the ship to the Helios Leader at 7:00 PM on the same day. They were all in stable health.

The Japanese ship docked at a port in Vung Tau and handed the rescued people over to local border guards.

Source: VOV


Source: Vietnam Insider


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