(Michelle Wie West social media photo capture-Yonhap News)

Michelle Wie West, 31, a Korean-American golf player who gave birth to a daughter last month, took a stroller and headed to the golf driving range 10 days after giving birth.

On the 1st, We West released photos and videos of practicing with a stroller behind her on her social media, explaining that it was’Kenna’s first outing, Stanford Golf Driving Range’.

We West, who married Johnny West, an executive of the Golden State Warriors Secretariat in the United States Professional Basketball (NBA) in August last year, gave birth to a daughter Mackena Kamalai Yuna West on June 19th.

His golf practice photos showed that his fellow players on the LPGA Tour were surprised.

‘Where are you with the baby now,’ Christie Kerr asked, and Tiffany Jo said,’Oh my god, go home. ‘A person full of desire for achievement’, he witty advice to’maternal’.

Jessica Corda expressed her cheering voice to We West, saying it was’Let’s Go’.

Golf Week, a media specializing in golf in the United States, delivered the news of We West’s golf practice, saying, “Daughter Kenna in a stroller is enjoying the view from behind her mother.” Reported.

Golf Week predicted that “We West mentioned the possibility of participating in the December US Open in an interview in May,” and “However, the spread of new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is a variable.”

In addition, the Golf Channel predicted that “if Wei West does not compete as a player in the US Open, he will be able to sit in the relay booth.” (yunhap news)

Source: International News


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