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Made in Vietnam Ferrari: It is made from composite material and it runs

Made in Vietnam Ferrari: It is made from composite material and it runs.

Thought that a made in Vietnam Ferrari is ridiculous? This group of young “mad” lads proved the entire world wrong with their replica of the Ferrari 488.

A group of young lads from Vietnam namely Nhet TV has successfully duplicated the Ferrari 488 GTB from composite materials and operated the vehicle properly on the streets.

Before duplicating the beautiful masterpiece of Ferrari, this group of young dudes from Vietnam has remade Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari LaFerrari, Bugatti Chiron, Mercedes-AMG SLS,… all from composite materials and paperboard. Nhet TV confessed on AutoPro that they have spent roughly 100 million VND on the replica of the Ferrari 488 GTB.

The replica of Ferrari 480 GTB is made from some steel and composite materials.

Besides replicating cars from composite materials and steel, Nhet TV also made motors from paperboards and reused parts of old vehicles. They successfully accomplished a duplicated paperboards’ versions of BMW S1000RR, Kawasaki ZX10R…

About his replica of Ferrari 489 GTB, Vu Nam -a member of Nhet TV- said that his team wanted to challenge themselves by making vehicles with more curves and complicated shapes.

Definitely, the Ferrari 488 GTB made from composite materials, and some steel doesn’t look exactly like the real Ferrari 488 GTB. But the most important thing is that it is operating properly.

Though this car is only powered by a 300cc motor (while the real version is equipped with a 600 horsepower motor), Nhet TV managed to copy the sound of the Ferrari 488 GTB perfectly. They even tested this car on the streets. It ran and was proven to work properly.

And the accommodation of the Ferrari 488 GTB was kept, and somehow, looked alike to the realistic version.

How they built up the outside of this car?

This replica took Nhet TV about 4 months to finish things off. Nam admitted that the hardest part of this project is to make the shell for this vehicle. His team has never seen a real version of this car before. All they did was to eyeball this car on TV screens and laptops.

The whole team has to rebuild the shape of this vehicle several times. They spent on this project about 100 million VND, and still, Nhet TV had moments of feeling not pleasing about their product.

So far, the car could be labelled as a finish outcome of Nhet TV, but Nam said that his team would keep upgrading this car and would introduce an updated version of their made in Vietnam Ferrari soon.

A replica motor of Nhet TV.

The invention of Nhet TV did not only attract the Vietnamese media. Even Russian and American media are attracted by Ferrari 488 GTB made by Nhet TV. A famous content creator, Supercar Blondie, shared a post about this made in Vietnam Ferrari.

Australian famous YouTuber, living in U.A.E., expressed her respect towards the Vietnamese group. On her Facebook, Supercar Blondie wrote.

Made in Vietnam Ferrari: It is made from composite material and it runs.

In the end, it is quite unimaginable what this group of young lads has done. They duplicated a Ferrari car from composite materials. And with only about $1000, they built up such a masterpiece that worth thousands of U.S. dollars.

What is next for these lads? A McLaren? Maybe another Ferrari? Perhaps, a G63 of Mercedes? Honestly, they has challenged themselves successfully with Ferrari 488 GTB, so…

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