If you are a nominee of an LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) policyholder who has died, then you should know that the process to file a death claim is done completely offline. You should keep all the required documents to file the death claim handy before approaching the home branch from where the policy was issued. Added to this, you will be required to get the signature of the policyholder’s insurance agent or the development officer on the death claim form before submitting it for processing along with other documents.

Here is a step-by-step guide on submitting a death claim with LIC.

  • To start death claim filing process, the nominee is required to visit the home branch of LIC from where the policy was issued and inform them about the death of the policyholder. The branch official will give Form 3783, Form 3801, and NEFT forms for the transfer of funds into the nominee’s bank account.
  • Documents that are required to be submitted along with above-mentioned forms include original death certificate, original policy bond, nominee’s PAN card, copy of either nominee’s Aadhaar card, voter ID, driving license or passport, and any ID proof of the deceased policyholder (preferably Aadhaar card). All documents will have to be self-attested by the nominee.
  • Along with the duly filled forms and documents, the nominee will be required to give an intimation letter. It is a covering letter mentioning the date of death of the policyholder, place of death and cause of death.
  • Along with the NEFT form, the nominee is required to submit a cancelled cheque leaf and copy of bank passbook containing printed details of name of the bank account holder, account number and IFS code. The documents will not be accepted if the photocopy of the bank passbook is not attached along with the other documents.
  • Do keep in mind at that the time of submission of the above-mentioned documents, the nominee should carry the original documents whose copy is being submitted such as his/her PAN as well as the ID proof of the deceased policyholder and the original bank passbook for the purpose of verification.
  • The LIC officer will verify the original passbook with the copy before the documents are accepted for death claim processing. Do keep in mind that this documents’ list is only indicative. LIC can ask for additional documents before the final amount is credited into the nominee’s bank account.

Once the documents are submitted to the LIC branch, don’t forget to collect the acknowledgment receipt (do keep this safe). If no other additional documents are required, then the nominee is likely to receive the settlement amount in one month’s time. However, if there is no credit in your bank account within a month, then the nominee should visit the LIC branch (do carry the acknowledgment slip) to check the status of the same.

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(The information was sourced by the reporter from LIC’s Zulfe Bengal branch in North-East Delhi.)

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