South Korean tech developer LG introduces a new display technology called the Smart Monitor and presents a new productivity device that offers huge features to help improve remote working.

The screen has multiple connection methods, in addition to LG Smart TV’s webOS, and an Ergo stand that allows different positions for height and comfort. The LG Smart Monitor may look like a Smart TV because of its size and webOS, but it is a device made for displays for computers or other devices.

LG Smart Monitor introduces a 32-inch productivity display

LG smart monitor

(Photo: LG USA)

LG delivers a new high-performance display that will expand to remote workstations and help its users get the most out of their monitors for multi-purpose use. The LG Smart Monitor 32SQ780S-W is a 32-inch display with a 4K UHD display (3840×2160) and a 5Wx2ch stereo speaker for the built-in sounds.

The Smart Monitor is available for both work and gaming setups, with LG giving users the option to connect to different technologies according to their preference, including CPUs, laptops and game consoles.

Another huge feature is that the Smart Monitor can also act as a television with the webOS, with apps that users can download to stream through the device itself.

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Powered by webOS, new Ergo standard

LG smart monitor

(Photo: LG USA)

The Smart Monitor already has its useful features and technology available on the device that completes a desktop configuration for multiple needs including working from home or gaming. It also features an Ergo stand that gives users the chance to choose the desired angle that suits their needs and comfort for using the monitor.

The Ergo Stand allows users to choose between a horizontal or vertical display. It is available now through LG for $499.99.

LG and its display technology

The famous South Korean tech developer brought the world a new experience to deliver many improvements in the display, and the company evolved from its televisions to smart home appliances. LG is known for its multiple options on display technology, featuring an OLED curved gaming monitor with a massive refresh rate up to 240Hz.

Gaming, lifestyle and other focuses of LG’s smart displays deliver on a variety of devices that help the public choose from the company’s offerings which device suits their needs.

LG also introduced a way for people to purchase NFTs through their smart TVs, focusing on the LG Art Lab feature available through the webOS and eligible devices.

Users can browse marketplaces and platforms where NFT is available, and users can make purchases directly through their wide screens, with a click of their remote.

The new LG Smart Monitor complements the company’s wide range of displays with different features and technology that are sure to meet the needs and desires of a work-from-home setup. The Smart Monitor completes the package with its webOS, which allows users to use it for many functions available to everyone.

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