Photos and articles posted by LeBron James on social media (Captured by LeBron James SNS)

American professional basketball (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James expressed anger over the death of a black man in Minnesota, USA.

On the 28th (Korean time) on his social media, James emphasized the reality of racial discrimination in the United States, saying, “Do you understand now or do you still do not know?”

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the 26th, a black man was killed due to a forced arrest by a white police officer.

A white policeman pressed the neck of a black man with his knees, and the black man died after saying, “I can’t breathe. Don’t kill me” with a distorted expression.

This video was filmed by a passerby who passed the scene and shared it on social media, and criticism of the coercive actions of the police in Minnesota and across the United States is growing.

James posted a photo of the incident on social media along with a photo of Colin Kapernik, who led the’kneeling’ protest in the NFL.

Kaffernik is a player who kneels and protests against racial discrimination instead of performing a national ritual during the U.S. national playtime before the 2016 game, when the controversy about racial discrimination, such as the death of a black man due to a police shootout, was raised.

James also posted a photo on social media wearing a jacket with the words “I can’t breathe”, which George Floyd, the victim of the incident, said.

In addition, he added an explanation to the photos and videos of Floyd’s arrest that’we are always targets’.

The Minnesota Vikings, the NFL club in the area where the incident took place, also said, “We express our condolences for what happened just a block away from our stadium.” Stated the position.

NFL players Oddell Beckham Jr., DeMarcus Lawrence, NBA’s Jaline Brown, Donaburn Mitchell, and WNBA women’s basketball Hall of Fame member Lisa Leslie also expressed regret and anger over the incident Expressed.

Lewis Hamilton (UK), a black driver at Formula One (F1), a race car competition, also mourned by sharing the news on his social media. (yunhap news)

Source: International News


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