Billionaire Davison Rockefeller Sr. came from a poor family. As a child he was dependent on the help of his neighbors.

Rockefeller grew up in such a situation and from an early age was looking for ways to earn money. Starting from empty hands, with countless difficulties, but thanks to his great commitment and will, he gradually built up his own business empire. In addition to his extraordinary efforts, wisdom and perseverance, his ability to see into human nature contributed to Rockefeller’s success.

And then business experience and wisdom in life were passed on by Rockefeller through letters to his son. In it is a letter stating one thing that anyone who wants to get rich must accept.

In his letter, the Oil King wrote: Most of the absolute security will not make us rich. To get the ‘reward’, we always have to take the necessary risks that come with it.

Isn’t life like that? There is no such thing as forever, there will certainly be forward or backward.

I believe that caution is not a perfect recipe for success. Whatever we do in this life, we still have to choose between risk and safety. And sometimes the chance to win only comes when you take a much greater risk than is safe.”

In addition to the lesson of taking risks to achieve success, billionaire Rockefeller also wants his son to learn many other lessons about being human and getting rich in his letters:

1. Being offended is a motivator

Everyone is applauded from time to time to affirm their achievements, qualities, behavior or morality; but also sometimes attacked, insulted or received malicious words. I think the reason we are offended is because of our incompetence. However, I would like to say that being offended is not a bad thing at all. If you’re a calm-thinking person, you can see insults as a measure of your ability, and that’s what I did.

The American oil king told his kids that if they want to get rich, they have to accept this one thing that no one wants - Photo 1.

2. Self is the greatest capital

You are your greatest asset and your only belief should be to believe in yourself.

Anyone who wants to succeed must realize that the seeds of success have been sown all around them. As long as we discover those “seeds”, we can achieve whatever we want.

3. Control the money

Child, every cent in our hands increases the power to determine our future destiny. Let’s make money together. However, there is nothing more pitiable and despicable than those who live solely for money. Remember, let money be your slave and not the other way around.

4. Don’t Lose to Win

Success is not measured by one’s height, weight, education or family background, but by the ‘size’ of one’s mindset. Our thoughts determine how big or small our achievements are. So think big.

The most important thing is to know how to value yourself and how to overcome low self-esteem. Man’s greatest weakness is low self-esteem. Never sell yourself cheap. You are better than you think, so open your mind and never belittle yourself.

5. Patience is the strategy

Impulsivity is always our worst enemy.

When patience can resolve conflicts that shouldn’t have happened, it’s always worth it. However, if you persevere, it will not only not solve the crisis, but also cause greater disasters.

6. Luck favors the brave

Experience has taught me that courageous and decisive people make the best deals, gain the support of others, and make the strongest covenants. However, those who are timid and hesitant cannot enjoy such benefits. Not only that, the bold approach is also very beneficial for them. Confident people always expect success and they will design any plan to achieve success according to their expectations.

7. Believe in yourself sincerely

Our mindset determines our ability, and our mindset really helps us do as much as possible. When we truly believe we can do more, we can think creatively about ways to do it. It would be foolish to turn down a new challenge.

The American oil king told his children that if they want to get rich, they have to accept this one thing that no one wants - Photo 2.

8. Don’t let the people around you stop you

A person’s character and ambition will largely depend on his current status, status and the people around him. If you often hang out with negative people you will also become negative or if you are too close to “little people” you will have a lot of unsavory habits.

On the other hand, if you regularly get influence from people with reach, you raise your level of thinking; When you come into contact with ambitious and successful people, you also develop ambition and take the necessary actions to achieve success.

9. Be a person with a purpose

Purpose is the key to unlocking our potential. Purpose determines our behavior and motivates us to find the means to get there. A clear goal allows us to focus on the chosen direction and do our best to achieve it.

10. Unity is Strength

People are often loyal to themselves and strive to be who they want to be. The way they achieve self-loyalty is by doing what they enjoy. Unfortunately, many evangelists do not treat employees well and are rigid in their demands. The result is success and the effort is halved.

11. Put Subordinates First

Always focus your attention on the employees who work for you. Father took his subordinates and their work or personal affairs very seriously. You have to understand that everyone has a limit on what they can contribute, so only if you do your best to solve problems for your subordinates, they can contribute more.

12. Wealth is a Responsibility

Vader does not see himself as a savior, let alone conceited for what he has done. Only fools are arrogant for money. If you have a lot of wealth, it also means that you have to have more social responsibility.

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