On April 25-30, Binh Dinh held many events to welcome tourists, including low-range fireworks to open the Quy Nhon Festival – Sea Paradise.

On April 22, Tran Van Thanh, director of Binh Dinh Department of Tourism, said that for the upcoming holidays of April 30 and May 1, thousands of tourists have registered to book rooms at many hotels and coastal towns owned by the local people.

“Many coastal towns and hotels are filled with rooms after tourists learned that the place held many events, festivals and fireworks to coincide with the holiday time of April 30 and May 1, inquired Mr Thanh.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Vu, chairman of Binh Dinh Tourism Association and director of Hoang Yen Hotel Complex, added that three 3- and 4-star hotels of Hoang Yen have been booked by tourists so far, more than 80% of the total 200 rooms for the holidays of April 30 and May 1.

“We still keep the same room rate and include breakfast at the hotel to serve tourists. Many festivals, especially the province, organize fireworks on public holidays, so booking rooms for tourists has increased enormously compared to previous years,” said Mr. vu.

Before the holidays, many family groups in Quang Ngai also contact to book rooms to come to this place to have fun and relax. If you haven’t booked in advance, it can be difficult to find accommodation for this holiday season.

“We called many resorts and coastal hotels in Binh Dinh to book a room for our family vacation, but all of them reported that the room was sold out. Fortunately, a hotel owner in the city of Quy Nhon had a room, so there was no room left. We signed up for the perfect family vacation,” said Mr. Duy (living in Quang Ngai).

Binh Dinh has set a target that from now until the end of the year, tourists who come to visit here will reach nearly 3.4 million visitors, and by the end of 2025, 8 million visitors will come to the place for sightseeing and tourism.

According to the leader of Binh Dinh Department of Tourism, the department will organize many activities on April 25-30, such as: beach volleyball exchanges, team building competitions, street art activities, flower car parades in the street, sports cheerleading, lion dance, kite competition, inauguration of the Scientific Space Complex, Cosmos Model House and Science Museum, youth music festival, etc.

On the evening of April 29, Binh Dinh launched 15 minutes of low-range fireworks to open the Quy Nhon Festival – the sea paradise in Nguyen Tat Thanh Square.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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