Kellyanne Conway was visited by the police for a trouble created by her daughter as she complained about a nude photo on her mom’s Twitter.

Kellyanne Conway should not get into such a shameful trouble created by her daughter. Sadly, she was visited by the police yesterday as her daughter complained about exotic post on Twitter. Claudia, daughter of Conway, said that she did not know somehow her nude photo was put on her mom Twitter. Conway said that she had no comment about the nude photo of her daughter.

Local police also suggested that they “looking into all concerns around the incident”.

An investigation is being conducted. No additional information can be released.

Alpine Police Chief Christopher Belcolle said.

Police said that Conway family is really collaborative and they are figuring why an exotic photo can accidentally appear on Twitter like that.

We cannot provide any details, but we can confirm that the matter has been referred to our office and that each member of the Conway family has been fully cooperative throughout the investigation.

Bergen County assistant prosecutor Elizabeth Rebein said

Claudia Conway is a prospect user of TikTok and some of her clips has attracted a huge amount of views and users.

Meanwhile, her mother, Kellyanne Conway was the supporter of Trump’s campaign in 2016.


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