It was an accident, no intentional contact, of Serge Ibaka. Anyway, his elbow contact on the face of Kawhi Leonard forced the player to have 8 stiches on his mouth laceration.

Stiches on mouth laceration is never an easy thing to deal with, but Kawhi Leonard has no choice for his pain that he suffered in the match against Denver Nuggets last night. It was further more painful than what Leonard could think of. It seems to be a normal contatct between him and Serge Ibaka. But when it turned out to be a crucial pain, it was a shock for the whole stage.

Ibaka was in his way to create a defensive rebound when his elbow contacted the face of Leonard. The All-Star of LA Clippers then fell in the floor with face drowning in blood.

He was treated right on the floor and was supported to be back on the locker room when there was only more than 6 minutes remaining.

It was a huge victory for LA Clippers against Denver Nuggets last night though. The team from Los Angeles got for themselves a win of 121-108 against Nuggets. Before departing the match, Kawhi got  21 points, seven assists, five rebounds and four steals in 30 minutes.

Even though the star of Clippers got up to 8 stiches on his mouth laceration, Ty Lue – coach of Clippers – believed that his player will be fine soon.

“… He’s going to be fine. He got up and walked off the floor so he’s good,” he said.

Leonard confirmed on his Twitter that his surgery was done, and he should be fine soon as well. We might see the 29-year-old star back on the stage of NBA right in the first match of the year 2021.

Recently, Leonard also revealed that he is about to become a free agent next year and want to find a new club from right now.

His painful face after the collision. Video: R4GE

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