Seems like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel have finally fully embraced that fact that they look so much alike. In Katy Perry’s new music video, “Not the End of the World”, the singer tapped actress Zooey Deschanel to star in it.

Perry and Deschanel have often been mistaken for one another over the years, and they seem to be just cool about it. And back when Perry was still sporting her trademark long dark locks, it was hard not to see their resemblance.

In the “Not the End of the World” music video that premiered on Monday, the 36-year-old new mom is seen pushing a stroller when a toy dog is tossed out of the stroller. When Deschanel picks up the toy, the aliens accidentally beam her up to their spaceship.

“Katy! Katy! Katy!”, the aliens chant. Zooey Deschanel corrects them, “No! No! No! Sorry. Misunderstanding. I’m Zooey!” as the aliens continue to chat Katy Perry’s name.

“New Girl” star Deschanel, 40, is seen hilariously and awkwardly trying on Perry’s infamous whipped-cream-squirting bra and blue wig. She ends up miraculously saving the world by pulling the plug on all of the world’s Internet.

“I had this idea that Zooey would step in while I was talking a bit of a [maternity] leave…for so long we’ve has this funny friendship…people think we look alike,” Perry said.

Deschanel, for her part, has had fun being the pop icon’s lookalike. “I’ve had full conversations with people who’ve thought I was you.”

“No the End of the World” is the latest single from Perry’s August album, “Smile”. The song appeared on her new EP released on December 18, “Cosmic Energy”, comprising all of her space-themed songs like E.T. and Wide-Awake. The EP was released to mark the December 21 Jupiter-Saturn “great conjunction”, a rare celestial event welcomed by avid skywatchers and astronomers.

Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter, Daisy, back in August.


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