Rapper and hip-hop artist now known as “Ye” (formerly Kanye West) announced via his Instagram page that his next album, “Danda 2”, will be exclusive to his platform called “Voice Player”. The singer and songwriter would now not release any of his songs through the popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music and more.

‘Ye’s’ ‘Danda 2’ will only be released on Stem Player, no digital releases

Kanye West's Voice Player for Donda 2

(Photo: Instagram via Kanye West)

In his Instagram post, Kanye West confirmed that “Danda 2” will not be released on digital music platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Spotify and others. “Ye” said he will only release the music through the “Voice Player,” a device that will cost $200 on release date with no disc openings, despite looking like a CD player.

The device is now available for pre-order through its Stem Player website for the United States, United Kingdom and other parts of the world. The Stem Player becomes a unique device that can store and play songs, like a speaker that can hold music in its body.

Ye’s Stem Player is said to have internal memory and speaker capabilities, but it is unknown if it can connect to Bluetooth. It charges through a USB-C charging port.

The 2021 “Donda” will also be pre-installed on the device.

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Is Kanye West Boycotting Music Streaming Platforms?

The announcement comes as a surprise to all the rapper’s fans as he has taken his music to various streaming platforms from the get-go. The rise of streaming and digital media made Ye’s music available to his fans and listeners without purchasing separate hardware for their needs.

Despite having no issues with streaming platforms, Kanye West somehow boycotts it to focus on “real” objects like his Stem Player. There is no news of a withdrawal of his music from the digital streams.

Kanye West: Don’t believe in NFTs, digital release

“Ye” is the type of artist who moves away from the modern finer points in life and wants the old-fashioned way of looking. He previously announced his skepticism about NFTs, cryptocurrencies and other digital art forms in the industry, and wanted something tangible.

That just means that “Ye” will build outside the latest global trend.

There was one time, however, when Kanye West wanted to launch a new platform with a pitch he intended for the digital world, targeting “JesusTok” or the Christian version of TikTok. The religious platform would be for kids like his daughter, North West, who is already using smartphones and venturing on social media.

The rapper saw the dangers and lewd things on the platform that were unsafe for North.

West brings many different things to his career as a musician and Hollywood personality apart from the many controversies and issues he faces.

Nevertheless, his vision for himself, as “Yeezus”, is to take his music to another platform that will give people something real in this digital world through the Stem Player.

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