JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) today announces the commencement of large-scale operations by JERA Energy Vietnam Co., Ltd. (“JERA EV”), the Hanoi, Vietnam subsidiary it established to serve as the base of operations in the country.

Vietnam faces challenges due to economic growth, such as rising electricity demand, the depletion of domestic resources and how to tackle the decarbonisation of energy. Gas-fired electricity generation – which emits less CO2 than electricity generation from other fossil fuels – can be a flexible complement to intermittent renewable energy and is expected to be an indispensable energy source to promote the energy transition. Therefore, a number of LNG projects are in the pipeline in the country.

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JERA has positioned Vietnam as a priority country and is considering developing several LNG-to-Power projects that will contribute to both decarbonization and a stable energy supply that supports economic growth.

As JERA’s business base in Vietnam, JERA EV will be responsible for advancing the LNG-to-Power projects in the country that are now under consideration, as well as exploring new projects, including those in the field of renewable energy, and collecting information. In addition, it will pursue a wide range of business opportunities, including partnerships with local energy companies.

JERA strives to be a global leader in LNG and renewable energy and will continue to actively promote business development in both areas.

Drawing on its long experience in the LNG value chain business, JERA will follow the decarbonisation roadmaps it is developing for each country and region based on its “JERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050” target, while pursuing the to expand adoption of LNG – a transitional fuel indispensable for decarbonisation, particularly in Asia, and to contribute to global decarbonisation and energy solutions.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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