The move coincides with the day Vietnam will fully resume inbound and outbound tourism activities.

The Vietnamese government has officially agreed to waive entry visa requirements for foreigners entering the country from 13 countries as of March 15. The details were provided in the newly issued Resolution No. 32/NQ-CP, Vietnam News Agency reported.

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The exemption would apply in particular to citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, the Italian Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Russian Federation, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Finland and Republic of Belarus, who remain in the country for 15 days from the date of entry, come what may types of visa they currently hold or have their purpose of entry.

According to the report, the waivers will last for three years, starting from March 15, 2022 to March 14, 2025, and an extension could be filed in accordance with Vietnamese law.

The Department of State is charged with reviewing, evaluating and making recommendations to the government regarding the extension, suspension or termination of the unilateral visa waiver policy mentioned in this resolution.

The move, which reinstates the waiver policy that was halted in early 2020 in response to the rise of the coronavirus, coincides with the day Vietnam will fully resume inbound and outbound tourism activities.

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which is the main coordinator of the tourism reopening plan, has been pushing, along with travel agencies and tourist accommodation companies in the country, for the resumption of pre-pandemic visa policies and relaxed COVID-19 protocols, given Vietnam’s high vaccination rate. , to attract foreign tourists to the country after two years of severe disruption, according to Vietnam News Agency

Source: Vietnam Insider


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