On the 27th of last month (local time), doctors and nurses from Spalanchani Hospital in Rome, Italy, received the Corona 19 vaccine from Pfizer Bio&Tech. (AFP-Yonhap News)

An Italian doctor was diagnosed with the virus six days after getting a vaccine for a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), local media such as Daily Mesazero reported on the 3rd (hereinafter local time).

Antonella Franco, a doctor who works at the Umberto I hospital in Syracuse, Sicily, tested positive for Corona 19 on the 2nd.

He traveled to Palermo, the capital of Sicily, six days ago, on the 28th of last month, and received the first vaccine from Pfizer-Bioentech.

Health authorities are conducting a close epidemiological investigation to determine exactly when he was infected with the virus.

As he traveled from Syracuse to Palermo by bus, there is a possibility that there may be additional infections among the medical staff on board.

However, health officials explained that even if they were infected after vaccination, the efficacy of the vaccine would not be questioned.

In principle, the Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine is administered twice every three weeks. Pfizer also said that only 95% of the prevention can be achieved by following this method.

In this regard, Chairman Franco Rocatelli, a former doctor who leads the government’s Higher Health Advisory Committee, emphasized in a media interview that it was not unexpected, saying, “You need to get two vaccines to complete your immune system.”

He added, “In clinical trials, cases of infection after one vaccination were reported,” he added. “This is why you should never be relieved just because you got a vaccine.”

The doctor also said that he would not give up vaccination.

He said in a media interview that he would be vaccinated again and that “the vaccine is the only chance to win the battle against the virus.”

Italy, like other EU member states, began vaccinating Pfizer-Bioentech centering on medical and health workers from the 27th of last month, and about 100,000 people have been vaccinated as of the 3rd.

As of the 3rd, the number of new confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Italy per day was 14,245 and the number of deaths was 347. Cumulatively, the number was 2,55446 and 75,332, respectively.

The confirmation rate, which indicates the ratio of confirmed patients to the number of tests, was 13.83%. ()

Source: Yunhap News)


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