PS5 and Xbox Series X/S both have been hunting by players at a high intensity and definitely are good gifts for the December Holidays.

But it is hard to define which one is the better gift for your upcoming December Holidays: PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. Both machines are stronger, better, and more optimizing than their predecessor. It is pretty tough to distinguish the better and the worse, especially when both consoles claim to be their best versions in the last twenty years of development.

PS5 might be more appealing to the Asian players than Xbox Series X/S. What is so ironic is that the price of Xbox Series X/S seems to be slightly cheaper than PlayStation 5 in most Southeast Asian nations, specifically Vietnam.

It took you roughly $1,500 to purchase PlayStation 5 in Vietnam, while the price for Xbox Series X/S is around $1,200. Sony’s new PlayStation and Microsoft’s new Xbox are optimizing, strong, and attractive at the look, but choosing which console for your December Holidays is definitely a tough question. Especially, when the price is put on the table, the discussion about both consoles will be turned into an endless argument.

PS5 appeals to more Asian players, but this group of consumers has to pay such a higher price for this machine. The thing they receive back is almost not changing at all. The chart below might answer the concern.

Both Sony and Microsoft understand so well how to turn their machine into an outstanding console that every player wants to put their hands on. They don’t have that much difference in terms of choosing the CPU, Memory, and Optical Drive. The only difference that distinguishes them is the Internal Storage, GPU, Memory Bandwidth, and Expandable Storage. Nonetheless, these option are totally dependent on their need of players.

Players mostly care about the CPU, Memory, GPU, and Optical Drive of the console. Perhaps, GPU of PlayStation is stronger, Xbox has strategy to deal with it – putting the option of using customize RDNA 2.

Once again, it is pretty hard to compare those two machines, and the final decision depends on what players truly seek from a console.

If the price is more important to you, then Xbox Series X/S will be a better offer. You have a good console for your upcoming December Holidays at an affordable price – a 4K adaptive system and a powerful machine that can be optimized optionally.

However, if the experience and memory of those good old days are more important to you, then PS5 is a better offer. Though the price of PlayStation 5 is high, it is the dream and the memory of a lot of players, specifically it is right for my case.

PlayStation is the milestone that can’t be erased in the memory of Asian players. The very first console created by Asian people and the rivalry of Microsoft Xbox for decades, Sony PlayStation is more than just a console. It is the memory and the pride of Asia.

And in the end, both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are being hunted at a high intensity, so you should be quick in order to possess your dream consoles. So many articles out there have talked about which consoles is better, and you can also visit them to acknowledge more information about both machine.

Personally, I have my answer for the dream console for December Holidays.

I choose the memory of those good old days. I chose PS5.

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