iOS App Tracking Transparency: Nearly All Users are Opting Out of Ad Tracking, Ongoing Study Claims
(Photo : (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)) NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 29: A man checks his phone in an Apple retail store in Grand Central Terminal, January 29, 2019 in New York City. Apple is set to report first-quarter earnings results after U.S. markets close on Tuesday.

About nine out of ten iOS users in the United States opted out of the ad tracking feature that Apple launched since iOS 14.5, an ongoing study of the iOS App Tracking Transparency showed. 

It turns out that the day Facebook has been dreading has come. 

Apple’s new privacy feature is, indeed, winning the people. 

Flurry Analytics’ data showed that a total of 96% of iOS users are now disallowing apps to get their data for advertisements, at least in the U.S. 

It means that, so far, only 4% heeded the recent calls of Facebook and Instagram against the new privacy feature. Facebook and Instagram, in an in-app notification, asked their users to turn on the ad tracking feature of iOS. It added that doing so could help both brands stay free of charge. 

Furthermore, the figures above sampled a total of 2.5 million daily mobile active users in the U.S., according to a report by Flurry Analytics. The Verizon-owned analytics firm tallied the daily opt-in and opt-out rates since the launch of iOS 14.5. 

On another note, about 2% of daily users have chosen to actively allow apps to request ad tracking. It would mean that these users will be prompted an ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’ notification. 

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Worldwide Numbers

In a broader perspective, though, more daily users opted in for ad tracking worldwide at 11%. However, it is still a small percentage of the 5.3 million users tallied around the world.

Furthermore, about 4%, also slightly higher than the U.S., opted to allow apps to request ad tracking. 

What is App Tracking Transparency?

The App Tracking Transparency feature was first officially announced, on April 7, to answer the concerns of user privacy and data tracking. Now important, more than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of us to stay online on our smartphones. 

Moreover, the said feature would allow iOS users to either allow or restrict an app from tracking their data. 

It turns out, now, that people actually didn’t want apps prying on their data. Thanks to the newest privacy feature of Apple. But Facebook has been campaigning strongly against it since it was announced.

App Tracking Transparency and Facebook

Furthermore, the social media conglomerate even criticized Apple’s move in a full-page newspaper ad. 

The company goes on to claim that the changes are “devastating to small businesses,” The Verge reported. The said enterprises, Facebook added, rely on its advertising network. 

On a separate full-page newspaper ad, Facebook even claimed that Apple is forcing social media networks and blogs to charge for subscription fees. 

The social media giant dubbed the launch of Apple’s new privacy features as “Apple vs the free internet.”

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