Tourists from the US, Australia, France, Singapore and Japan have a high demand for tourism in Vietnam, but My Tho and Bac Ninh are the two cities with a strong increase in the number of searches.

According to the report on the revival of the tourism industry in Southeast Asia, published April 26 from Google Asia-Pacific, the tourist wave in Southeast Asia started to return from early 2022, when the area eased travel restrictions.

In the Vietnamese market, once officially fully reopened to international tourists from 15-3, open policies promise to stimulate strong demand from foreign tourists in the second quarter of 2022. Domestic tourism demand from international visitors improved significantly in the first quarter. 2022.

As of March, 2/3 of the domestic tourism demand from international tourists has recovered. Tourists from the US, Australia, France, Singapore and Japan have a high demand for tourism in Vietnam, with Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi being the top destinations. My Tho and Bac Ninh are two cities with significant growth in search results, a 75% increase in search results.

According to the General Statistical Office, 222 international visitors to Vietnam reached 41.7 thousand people in March, 41.4% more than a month earlier and 2.2 times the same period last year. In the quarter 1-2022, international visitors to Vietnam are estimated at nearly 91,000 people, an increase of 89.1% from the same period last year.

Many travel companies said that the number of international visitors to Vietnam has increased sharply from early April 2022 to now. Not only tourists from countries in the region such as Thailand, Singapore but also from European, American, Australian countries.

However, experts also said that tourism demand in Southeast Asia is only the beginning when key destinations such as China and Japan have not yet reopened.

The report also noted that Vietnamese people are gradually becoming more comfortable traveling abroad. In January, the intention to travel abroad of Vietnamese is only 25% compared to 2019; This figure has doubled to 50% by March 2022.

According to statistics, major cities like Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Paris, Osaka and New Delhi are leading the search trend of Vietnamese tourists when choosing a tourist destination abroad.

In addition, the tourist search trend shows that the current demand for tourism is more diverse than before the pandemic. Typically, the search for “best hotel” in Vietnam increased by 71%, demonstrating that Vietnamese people are willing to spend money on quality services.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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