Instagram’s Most Loved Page For Teens, 'College Confessions' is All About Humour and Endless Laughter
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One of the most significant reasons behind the robust growth of content on social media is the relatability factor. In other words, relatable content has always found a place allowing many social media pages to reach the maximum audience. Leveraging the latest trends, one of the popular Instagram pages, ‘College Confessions’ has created a niche by targeting college students from across the globe.

This one-of-a-kind page has all things about entertainment that caters to students. With a fanbase of more than 6 million, ‘College Confessions’ is the number 1 page creating exceptional content for college-goers. Right from students’ experiences to funny memes, this page on Instagram serves a platter of content highlighting everything about college life. Founded by Joe Ugenti during his college, this page was created after he heard different college stories from students.

What started as a hobby turned out to be a game-changer. In a very less time, ‘@collegefessing’ became a viral page on the gram with its reach and engagement of more than a million. Sharing his views on starting this page, Joe said, “The main motive behind this page was to give college students an audience who can anonymously express themselves by sharing and confessing their wild campus stories. When I entered college, I realised the need for a platform where teenagers could freely talk about their experiences for students in college and the ones who were yet to embrace the college life.”

While the target audience of this Instagram page is teenagers and youth varying from the age of 16 to 21, ‘Collegefessing’ has turned out to be a one-stop content creation platform. From being the anonymous confessions page to becoming an out of the box content platform, it has got a lot to offer to the students. Lately, ‘College Confessions’ has deep-dived into the video content to maximize its reach on Instagram.

If one goes by their Instagram feed, it is pretty evident that ‘College Confessions’ provide variety in terms of the content. Most importantly, the page has got tremendous fanfare for imbibing the latest social media trends. As new students are entering the campus, this page is attracting the attention of new students by creating trendy and hilarious content.

All in all, the Instagram page of ‘College Confessions’ promises to bring positivity and humour to your Instagram feed. Moreover, it gives inspiration to students who are set to enter college and hits nostalgia alert to those who have gone through this golden period of college life.

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