“Creating a dish is like creating a symphony of flavors. It is a mix of many accents from western to eastern tastes. We can even create a cuisine made up of flavors from Indonesia and Vietnam, creating harmony and strengthening the bonds between people and people in Indonesia and Vietnam,” said renowned Indonesian chef William Wongso when presenting herbal products at the HCMC show. market introduced.

Indonesian chef William Wongso at the Indonesian Spice-up the World.

Despite the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam and Indonesia posted encouraging news by the end of 2021. The total trade of the two countries reached the target of USD 10 billion in the first 11 months last year. According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, Vietnam and Indonesia recorded a trade value of USD 10.27 billion in January-November 2021, an increase of 39.90% from USD 7.34 billion in 2020.

Indonesia and Vietnam, representing 45% of the ASEAN economy, continue to work together and explore new and innovative areas of cooperation and are the engine of rapid regional economic growth. This weekend is the Consul General of Indonesia in HCMC – Mr. Agustaviano Sofjan – introduced the event Indonesia Spice up the World to share Indonesian cuisine by inviting HCMC businessmen to experience the variety of spices from Indonesia.

Indonesia aims to establish 4,000 Indonesian restaurants abroad in the program by 2024 and estimate the total value of Indonesian herbal products exports at USD 2 billion. Vietnam will be the big market for this program with its young and dynamic consumer market, said the Consul of Economy – Ms. Soneta Asmara. In 2020, the value of the export of culinary spices from Indonesia will be equal to US$1.02 billion.

mr. Danny Hidayat – Managing Director of We Link

In response to the government program, Indonesian companies shifted their marketing strategies in Vietnam. mr. Danny Hidayat – Managing Director of We Link – said the company has temporarily changed its strategy. The company’s strategy was previously designed to showcase Indonesian food products with the Bakmie individual food kiosks. This year, the company plans to introduce many traditional Indonesian dishes to the Vietnamese market and accelerate the use of the country’s spice products.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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