The Indian government has banned more than 250 mobile apps in several months, citing concerns with data collection and user privacy. Some of them include the popular TikTok, WeChat, Baidu, Alibaba’s main UC Browser, several Xiaomi related apps, and lots of games.

Today, the Asian country has tracked and banned 59 apps altogether after company officials failed to impress the government with their answers on key issues such as data security and privacy.

India doubles permanent ban on 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok and WeChat

The permanent ban is under Section 69A of the Computer Law, accusing applications of engaging in activities detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of the country. Until now, users in India could download and use certain apps while their developers were building a defense.

According to official sources, cited by The time of India, companies have been given a notice on an individual basis – there is no public list of exactly what apps are banned from working in India.


Source: GSMArena


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