The six times NBA All-Star forward, Paul George, signed an extension with LA Clippers that can guarantee him as much as $226 million over the next five years.

Paul George extended his contract with LA Clippers for the next four years at $190 million. That amount included $35 million that guaranteed his service with the team in the season of 2020/2021.

He also has the privilege to decide his extension in the season of 2021/2022 and the right to request a transfer in the season of 2024/2025. This number might be lower than what a star like George might have expected. However, since the coronavirus affected the revenue of NBA strongly in the year of 2020, what George recently received at LA Clippers is much higher than the rest of his colleagues.

George has the honor to get about 35% of the Clippers’ overall salary cap. George admitted that he was in consideration process, but when the Clippers showed their commitment, he got his decision taken.  The player said that he recognized the honest and sincerity of Clippers when they were “sending the house to get” him.

George received 35% of Clippers total salary cap.

After signing a new contract with Clippers, George was asked about what he owed to the club. He said that he owed them a trophy.

“That’s what I owe this organization,” the Clippers’ forward said. “This is a window that we’re trying to capture. And my commitment and my job is to try to bring a title here.”

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The extension with George is urgently important and it helps the Clippers solidify an important piece of their squad. Before joining LA Clippers, Paul George enjoyed his early basketball career in the NBA with  Oklahoma City Thunder. The Southern California determined to come back home in 2019 after his contract with Thunder expired and he moved to LA Clippers.

At this moment, the Southern Californian enjoyed his prime time of the career in the jersey of Clippers.

In the end, Paul George signed an extension with LA Clippers
He is enjoying his career with the hometown club.

Besides George, Clippers also want to extend a contract with Kawhi Leonard. Leonard and George was a powerful duo that led Clippers to the playoff of NBA and nearly got a chance to compete for the championship.  

Though Leonard and George are best friends, George admitted that it was all about Leonard that decide to stay or to leave.

 “I’m a grown man. If he decides to go elsewhere, that’s a decision that I’ll be happy for him,” George said.  “It’s not putting a gun to Kawhi and telling him he’s gotta do this or do that. Hopefully it’s a mutual bond, and we both enjoy playing with one another.”

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In the end, Paul George signed an extension with LA Clippers
George also wishes that his friend will stay with Clippers.

At the age of 30, George is currently an important piece of Clippers.

In the season of 2014/2015, the player struggled with a devastating injury, and though he could have early retire, George came back and deleted all the skepticism surrounded him.

Throughout 10 NBA seasons with the Indiana Pacers, Thunder and Clippers, the forward has marked an average of 20.0 points, got 6.4 rebounds, made 3.4 assists and created 1.7 steals per game.

Entering the season of 2020/2021 with a huge contract extension, George is confident that he will have a lot of outstanding moves to show.

“It’s not about proving people wrong or answering questions to people that don’t have much value into my life. It is more so about me going out there and being reliable to my teammates, to this organization,” George said.



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