This luxury railway journey connects two of Vietnam’s most beautiful resorts. You and your group will get your own bar, restaurant and massage parlor

Why skimp on your next big trip to South-East Asia? Next time you head to Vietnam, you should know that luxury private rail car the Vietage has just started running services again – and it’ll connect two of the country’s most beautiful resorts. It’s spenny, but it sounds incredibly worth it, the Time Out reported.

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According to the Time Out, the private service takes up to 12 travelers on a 318-kilometre journey from historic Hoi An (home to this stunning resort) to Quy Nhon (home to this one). The rail journey – which first started in July 2020 – takes around six hours, meaning you can spend a leisurely day peering out of the windows as the landscape shifts from gorgeous seaside to luxuriant rainforest.

And then there’s the carriage itself. Just look at it.

Photo: luxury train club

Inside, you’ll find a stand-up bar, a restaurant area and even a massage parlor offering head and shoulder treatments. You’ll also receive a ‘Discovery Book’, which will help you identify historic sites and wildlife. And as for the food? You can forget all about basic train-trolley sandwiches. Menu options include braised wagyu neck and Quy Nhon seafood salad, with drinks spanning beer, wine and champagne.

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So, if you’re tempted? The train the carriage forms a part of departs every morning from Da Nang station, stopping off at Phu Cang, Quang Ngai and Duc Pho along the way. Tickets for private hire of the carriage start at $2,220 (£1,630), according to the Time Out.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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